The War on Millennials

Airing Grievances & Offering Solutions Through the Eyes of America's Next Generation of Leaders


About the book

We've been subjected to plenty of manufactured "wars" over the years. But never has the real political war taking place right under our noses received its due network nightly news attention. In THE WAR ON MILLENNIALS, Pete Seat, a former White House spokesman, political analyst and Millennial himself, gives voice to an all-too-quiet generation of young people. From massive national debt to unsustainable entitlement programs and souring international relations, Millennials are set to inherit an increasingly raw deal.
What's Inside...
On Present Day Washington...
Stalemates are a product of a functional government of informed individuals attempting to reach consensus. Inaction is a product of informed individuals who are collectively dysfunctional.
On the Question at Hand...
Each preceding generation has passed the eternal flame of prosperity to its successors. The question is: Will the baby boomer generation be the first to break that tradition by kicking the can down the road a bit further?
On the Path Forward...
Many of our grievances are focused on the “who” - baby boomers, political mercenaries, even Millennials ourselves. To solve our nation’s problems, however, we will need to pivot to the “what” - the actual issues, policies and ideas.
About the Author
A former spokesman for President George W. Bush, U.S. Senator Dan Coats and The Indiana Republican Party, Pete Seat currently works at the Indianapolis-based Hathaway Strategies, an innovative public affairs consulting firm. He has appeared on numerous FOX News & MSNBC programs, published columns in outlets including POLITICO, and the Indianapolis Star, and is the founding publisher of